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Study Abroad: An Experience Required to Build Human Capacity


Date: Jul. 23, 2024

About Event

Join us for "Study Abroad: An Experience Required to Build Human Capacity," where CEO Jude Dilioha will share his inspiring study abroad journey to encourage Nigerian youth to dream beyond their immediate environment. This event will demystify the university admission process, detailing necessary documents and steps for successful applications. Through interactive workshops, we will clear up misconceptions about studying abroad and combat the fraudulent practices of unscrupulous agents. Participants will gain valuable insights and mentorship, empowering them to pursue their global education goals. it will be an opportunity to expand the horizons of participants and empower them to become global champions.


The "Study Abroad: An Experience Required to Build Human Capacity" program is a crucial initiative designed to empower Nigerian youth, particularly those from Eastern Nigeria. This program provides the knowledge, skills, and opportunities needed to succeed in a globalized world, addressing critical areas such as capacity building, mentorship, networking, and sustainability. These elements are essential for the holistic development of our youth and significantly contribute to building better-equipped, globally competitive individuals. Capacity Building Our program emphasizes capacity building by offering detailed workshops on the university admission process and the necessary documentation for successful applications. Participants gain practical knowledge to navigate the complexities of studying abroad, preparing them for admission challenges and instilling competence and confidence for future endeavors. By demystifying the application process and providing clear, actionable steps, we aim to reduce the intimidation that often prevents talented students from pursuing international education. Mentorship Mentorship is a vital component of our initiative. Led by our CEO, Jude Dilioha, who has successfully navigated the study abroad process and has extensive experience in human capacity building, the program offers participants the opportunity to learn from someone who has walked the path before them. Jude’s personal journey from Nigeria to the USA and his subsequent successes serve as powerful inspiration. By offering ongoing mentorship beyond the program, we ensure that students receive the guidance and support needed to overcome challenges, make informed decisions, and stay motivated throughout their academic and professional journeys. Networking Networking is crucial for personal and professional growth. Our program provides a platform for participants to connect with like-minded peers, successful alumni, industry experts, and potential sponsors. These connections can lead to collaborative opportunities, internships, job placements, and lifelong friendships that enrich their study abroad experience and professional life. By fostering a strong network of ambitious, globally minded individuals, we help create a community that supports each other’s growth and success. Sustainability Sustainability refers to the long-term impact of our program on participants and the broader community. By empowering youth with the skills and experiences to thrive internationally, we aim to contribute to the development of a globally competitive workforce that can drive economic growth and innovation in Eastern Nigeria. Additionally, the program seeks to change the common perception of "Japa" (the emigration of Nigerians seeking better opportunities abroad) by highlighting the economic and human development benefits of studying abroad. We emphasize that such experiences should be seen as an investment in the country’s future, with many diaspora members contributing significantly to the economy through remittances and investments. Economic and Developmental Benefits Studying abroad enriches the human capital of Eastern Nigeria and strengthens its connections with the global community. Young people who study abroad bring back advanced knowledge, skills, and innovative approaches that can be applied to local challenges. This exposure helps refine their intellect and make them globally relevant. Successful young leaders, entrepreneurs, academics, and professionals often credit their study abroad experiences for shaping their worldview and preparing them to tackle global challenges. By providing our youth with the necessary skills and experiences to succeed in an interconnected world, we ensure they remain competitive in the global talent and innovation race, boosting Eastern Nigeria’s reputation and competitiveness. Combating Fraudulent Practices A significant challenge facing aspiring international students is the prevalence of fraudulent study abroad agents who exploit their dreams and leave them disillusioned and financially strained. Our program combats these fraudulent practices by providing accurate, reliable information and resources. Educating participants about legitimate processes and requirements empowers them to make informed decisions and avoid scams. Building Global Champions Ultimately, our goal is to equip the youth of Eastern Nigeria for the future and position them as global champions. By broadening their horizons and providing invaluable international experiences, we help them become more competitive and successful in their respective fields. This, in turn, positively impacts their communities and contributes to the overall development of Eastern Nigeria.


Starts: 10:00 am on Jul. 23, 2024
Ends: 03:00 pm on Jul. 23, 2024

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